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WCEP ... W...What???

What is WCEP?

WCEP LLC is the legal entity that manages and operates three business divisions:

  • Maui HD

We produce video and social media posts as part of telling this connected world

your company's or organization's message. We can help you develop your message. We can produce it. We can place it on social media platforms and as media advertising.

  • Maui IT

We support your company or organization by addressing your computing needs. We can provide you custom computers. We can supply refurbished computers and laptops that will meet your needs at an affordable price. We can address networking and Internet issues.

  • HD Pilot

We provide aerial photography and videography as an imaging solution using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly called "drones." The work done by HD Pilot is contracted through Maui HD.

Who is WCEP?

WCEP LLC was formed in 2017 by partners William "Chris" Sickels and Evan Dust. Chris handles WCEP's operating divisions (Maui HD, Maui IT and HD Pilot). Evan handles the financial and marketing efforts of WCEP.

WCEP is here to help

Please contact us if we can be of help to you in either getting your message out or in getting your computers to work! We are here to help

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