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Our Hearts Go Out to Lahaina and Upcountry

While the companies of WCEP LLC (Maui HD, Maui IT Services and HD Pilot) were physically unaffected by the recent wildfires on Maui, we extend our condolences to everyone who has lost family, friends and property in this disaster.

In cooperation with our supplier, City Recycle LLC, Maui IT Services prepared used Chromebooks to donate to "The Education Project Program for Lahaina Students" operating at Napili Park on the westside of Maui.

On August 23, 2023, WCEP President and CEO, Chris Sickels, delivered 60 donated Chromebooks to "The Education Project Program for Lahaina Students."

(Photo Right: The Education Project Program's Melonee Du Jan and Chris Sickels)

While this donation is just a small step towards restoring some normalcy in the lives of those directly affected by the wildfires, WCEP LLC is thankful that we could take that small step. We extend our thanks to Andrew Ott, City Recycle LLC, for authorizing this donation.

If you would like to help, we recommend that you make a financial donation to the Maui Strong Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation.

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