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Billing Rate Increase

The companies of WCEP LLC have held our billing rates constant since the establishment of the company in 2017. Unfortunately, increasing costs for our businesses have forced us to increase our billing rates effective October 1, 2023.

Our administrative markup for direct expenses will remain at 25%.

Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

We will continue our standard 25% discount for non-profit organizations until January 1, 2024. At that time, we unfortunately will need to reduce that discount to 20%.

Maui IT Subscription Package

We are also providing new subscription plans for our clients needing continuing IT support from Maui IT. These new subscription plans require a 12-month contract but provide a substantial discount from our new billing rate of $175/hour. The two new subscription plans are a 3-hour per month plan at $350 billed monthly (plus GET) and a 5-hour per month plan at $500 billed monthly (plus GET). Unused hours rollover to the following month for the duration of the contract. At the end of the contract, unused hours are forfeited. Under the contract service arrangement, clients requesting priority response who are contracted for 3 hours of service per month are guaranteed a service response within 7 days. Clients contracted for 5 hours of service per month receive a guaranteed 48-hour response. Regular maintenance will be scheduled at Maui IT’s convenience.

Our existing 10-hour block of IT support time will be discontinued. Existing clients with time remaining on our books will be provided service at the current rate. We will be offering a 7-hour block of IT support time for $1,000 plus GET. This block gives you a $225 discount for pre-purchasing support time.

Maui HD Social Media / Website Package

Our current monthly subscription program for social media and website maintenance will be changing on October 1, 2023. The existing monthly subscription offers 6 hours of consulting services for $500 – essentially an hour free when purchased on a monthly basis. Effective October 1, 2023, our monthly package for these services will remain priced at $500/month but the package will only provide up to 5 hours of consulting service (still one hour free with subscription). This is a “use it or lose it” subscription – there is no “banking” of hours between months. If you require more than 5 hours of service within a given month, the additional hours are billed at new standard rate of $125/hour. This subscription service does not require a contract and can be temporarily discontinued if needed upon notice to Maui HD prior to the start of the next month of service.


If you have questions about our new billing rates and subscription offerings, please contact either Chris Sickels (email: telephone: 808-495-4449) or Evan Dust (email: telephone: 808-495-4442).

Thank you.

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