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Helping the Community -- WCEP's Charitable Effort

Companies are meant to produce profit. What they do with that profit matters. For the companies of WCEP, we strive to make good use of our profits both for the growth of the companies and to support worthwhile efforts to improve our community.

Preparing the meal for the hungry
One of the Ka Ohana Kamai "Queens" preparing the meal.

Since early in 2022, WCEP has been supporting the efforts of Ka Ohana Kamai at their every other month participation in the warm meal program conducted at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Wailuku. The warm meal program, “the feeding,” seeks to provide those who are hungry in our community with a guaranteed meal on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. The church provides the commercial kitchen and volunteer groups from the community provide the food and labor to prepare it each Sunday.

Cutting pound cake slices for the plates
Cutting pound cake slices for the plates

Our participation with the feeding by Ka Ohana Kamai has been primarily financial by purchasing the food that is prepared and distributed to hungry members of the community. We assisted in the feeding on May 8, 2022, in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Ready to serve the plates - including County Councilmember Tasha Kama (right)
Ready to serve the plates - including County Councilmember Tasha Kama (right)

We thank our customers and clients for choosing us to help you in your business activities. Your selection of the WCEP companies

(Maui HD and Maui IT Services) helps us to help the community. Thank you.

A plate ready for serving
A plate ready for serving

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