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Helping bridge the technology gap...

Ka'ala Souza with Chris Sickels
Ka'ala Souza, Broadband Hui, receives a shipment of refurbished Chromebooks for the Hawai'i State Rural Health Association. The devices were personally delivered by WCEP President/CEO Chris Sickels.

Maui IT, one of the WCEP LLC companies, has been assisting the Hawaii State Rural Health Association with addressing the technology gap for our rural communities in Hawaii. Maui IT has sourced refurbished Chromebooks for the Hawaii State Rural Health Association (HSRHA). According to the HSRHA website, "The Hawaiʻi State Rural Health Association is dedicated to addressing rural health needs in Hawaiʻi. HSRHA actively pursues solutions to the unique issues that are associated with providing robust health services to Hawaiʻi’s rural populations." Providing easy-to-use digital devices to residents in rural communities provides the opportunity for teleconference communications between patients and health professionals spanning distances that often require inter-island travel.

Similarly, Maui IT is in the process of completing discounted device sales to Hō’akeolapono Trades Academy & Institute on Kaua'i and to the University of Hawaii's John A Burns School of Medicine.

Maui IT is pleased to provide these devices at a substantial non-profit discount to the HSRHA. If your non-profit is interesting in refurbished Chromebooks, MacBooks or Windows-based laptops, please reach out to me at or call our office at 808-757-4034.

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